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Haven’t you been to Kherson for a long time?

Haven’t you been to Kherson for a long time?

Long since Kherson has been a city which was giving travelers a hearty welcome. As far back as the times of Kievan Russia the path “from Varangians to Greeks” which was used by the Slavs in trade purposes, went through Kherson. The city was founded at the end of 18th century and it had received the name Kherson in honor of the ancient Greek colony the Chersonese. It was destined for Kherson to become a cradle and the first base of the Black Sea Fleet, an economical and political center of a region which was named Novorossia. Geographical location of Kherson – the Dnieper falls into the Black Sea here – allowed to join two most important economical arteries by that moment – sea and river steamship lines. Up to the beginning of the 20th century Kherson had been one of the most important southern economical centers. In the beginning of the 20th century tens of millions poods of bread and other provisions were exported to Europe from here.

It is natural that many travelers were staying in Kherson – both those who were coming here with trade purposes and those who wanted to rest near the Black Sea. In Kherson many monuments of an ancient Russian architecture and also a peculiar port and seaside atmosphere have remained. Hotels in Kherson were important part of the municipal infrastructure. Among modern hotels of Kherson there is a particular hotel “Diligence” – the hotel which was built in a “modern classic” style. It is a separate building sustained in a style of a 18th century mansion house, where along with a luxurious decoration in a classic imperial style the European level of service and technological level are offered.

Going for a business trip to Kherson today, you can not only spend your time usefully, but also have an excellent rest. Both inimitable aura of Kherson and pure sea air will contribute you in it.


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